Thanks for a great WellFest 2019 – see you in 2020!

What is WellFest?

WellFest 2019 is a weekend of rejuvenation of the mind and body in downtown Durham, North Carolina. Durham is in transition from the City of Medicine to the City of Health. And, Durham Magazine presents a festival that allows you to define and learn how to incorporate wellness into your everyday. We’ve aligned all of our classes and teachers to speak on one of the five elements of health, including: Movement/Fitness/Rest, Sense of Purpose, Environment/Culture, Nutrition and Mental Wellbeing. Over the last 12 years writing and celebrating Durham, we at Durham Magazine have put together an A-list group of coaches, vendors and sponsors to bring you this annual event. Bring your partner, corporate team, friends!

WellFest will offer a Dinner with Roots that expresses sustainable food practices in a very delicious and interesting way at 21c Museum Hotel for 100 people on Saturday night. Following the dinner, we’ll have a Silent Disco – a party atmosphere without all the things you hate about night clubs, meant to promote movement and fun. And on Sunday, WellFest will take over American Tobacco Campus, offering a Mindful Market where you can browse healthy artisans and vendors, and then choose your own experience by selecting from a speaker series, innovative fitness classes for all levels, a tranquility room to rest, hands-on crafting classes, nutritious food and drink and activities designed to help you discover your inner child!

Proud supporter of Durham Tech Foundation student scholarships, faculty training, and new program development.

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American Tobacco Campus

300 Blackwell St., #104

Durham, NC 27701


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21c Museum Hotel 

111 N. Corcoran St.

Durham, NC 27701


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October 2-4, 2020