Heather Pownall

Heather Pownall is a Certified Professional Coach and founder of The Confidence Labs, which helps women beat self-doubt and build more confidence so they can achieve more of what truly matters to them in work and life. Heather also hosts a new podcast, The Truth about Confidence, which explores the science and art of confidence and spotlights inspiring stories of women’s challenges and triumphs.

Over the past 15 years, Heather has worked in corporate communications, led marketing for a renewable energy start-up, and directed global business development for an international organization for accountants. In addition to leading The Confidence Labs, she is currently Chief Development Officer for an association that advocates for women in the science and STEM professions. 

Heather holds an MBA from North Carolina State University and is also a proud graduate of the ASAE Diversity Executive Leadership Scholar Program, which is driving greater diversity and inclusion in the next generation of nonprofit leadership.

The Confidence Labs


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