Ruth Penado

Ruth Penado is a Bull City native, who like the city that raised her, has undergone a serious transformation over the last few years. Although she spent many years completely ambivalent to the poor state of health she was in, there reached a breaking point in 2016 when Ruth decided it was finally time to make some life-altering changes. Having been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism, and exercise induced asthma she knew she needed to commit to these changes long term in order to really turn it around for the better. Fast forward four years, Ruth has lost roughly a total of 70 lbs., gained over 71,000 followers on Instagram by sharing her weight loss journey, and begun her studies to complete a CPT program through the highly accredited NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine). Ruth continues to devote her life not only to her own development, but to the lives of any and everyone around her who wants to embark on a similar journey. Ruth believes the reason for all her success has come from the mentality she has termed “Ruthlessly Strong”. To her, it is more than just a clever Instagram handle, she believes it is a mindset that when applied to the various aspects of life allow one to achieve things they have never thought they could otherwise.

Ruthlessly Strong
Fitness Influencer


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