October 3, 2020

WellFest PLUS

An interactive cooking class with Kevin Callaghan, chef and owner of ACME Carrboro. Includes:

  • Cooler of prepped food & produce
  • Exclusive swag bag
  • Early access to WellFest classes
  • Virtual cooking class with Chef Kevin Callaghan

October 4, 2020

WellFest Interactive Classes

Meet the leading professionals in mental health and career growth through WellFest’s live virtual classes on Oct. 4. Tune in for one-hour intensive sessions that will help you tackle work-life resiliency, foster confidence and build connections. Join us!


October 4, 2020

WellFest Virtual Membership

Explore 20+ physical and mental wellness virtual classes - yoga, meditation, resiliency, fitness, nutrition, inspirational stories and more!

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